My name is Umi Puji Lestari and you can call me Umi. I come from Purworejo, one of the small towns in Central Java. Purworejo is known with the Biggest “Bedug” in the world, whose name is Bedug Kyai Bagelen or Bedug Pendowo. It is called Bedug Kyai Bagelen because wood, the material of that bedug, came from Bagelen, one of districs in Purworejo. It is called Bedug Pendowo because it was made from “jati” wood that was taken from “jati” tree that had 5 branches. Pendowo means five and the strengh.

My mother is Sumarah, a wifehouse and my father is Djuweni, who passed away about 10 years ago. I has one sister, whose name is Siti Zaenab, a principal in a private kindergarten. She is married with Budi Santoso and has 3 children. They are Mutawally Nawwar, Haya Nazihah, and Iffah Muthmainnah.

I graduated from SMA N 1 Purworejo in 2004 then continued my study in El Rahma Education Center for 1 year. I became English Bussiness and Computer  student. I study not only academic but also softskill there. Because I decided to be a mathematics teacher, so I studied in Mathematics Education of UNY (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta). I joined in many organizations, such as HIMATIKA (Himpunan Mahasiswa Matematika), HASKA (Himpunan Aktifas Keagamaan), BEM FMIPA, KAMMI UNY and KAMDA Sleman, and BEM Rema UNY, especially in LSO Education Center. I learned many things, found many friends, and got many experiences there.

My interesting experience were becoming the coordinator of  agenda of OSPEC FMIPA in 2006, helding talkshow of “Raperda Pendidikan Sleman”, helding International Seminar of Character Education, joining in many trainings, etc. I met many inspiring people, such as Prof. Wuryadi, Hatakeyama, Christoper Drake, etc.

After graduating from UNY in 2010, I went home and worked as a teacher in SDIT Ulul Albab Purworejo. As a primary school teacher, I had to teach not only mathematics but also English, Computer, and Indonesian Language. I got many interesting experiences too. I met a student who has brilliant intelligent and I had to teach her to prepare Olympiade  Sains National. Finally, she became the winner in Purworejo then continued that competition until second grade in Central Java.

Beside teaching in school, my friend and I established “Bimbel Rumah Ilmu”. I held many programs such as reguler study, study tour, outbond, etc. And now, because I continue my study in Palembang, UNSRI, my friend help me to manage my “Bimbel”.

Before I study in IMPOME (International Master Program of Mathematics Education)UNSRI, I took an English course in Lab Bahasa UNSRI.

Now I live with my husband, Agust Nugroho. We have a dream that one day we able to build an alternative school in the villages.

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