How Fast Your Multiplication Ability?

For making mathematics interesting for the student, especially for the students of class 5A SD IBA Palembang, I introduced some kinds of online and offline games. They are Penguin Jump, Pathuku, and Tux of Math. Penguin Jump and Pathuku have been described in and Tux of Math have been described in

Beside for making mathematics interesting for the student, Penguin Jump and Tux of Math can be used not only for checking multiplication speed but also for increasing multiplication speed. We know that students are very interested in games, so they will increase their ability of multiiplication if they replays this games.

First, I asked the student how fast their multiplication ability. Then I gave challenge for them to check their ability by playing the games. When I tried that games for them, they were very enthusiastic. They played Penguin Jump first then Tux of Math. You can look at the picture that show that condition.


Picture 1. Enthusiastic of The Student To Play The Game

One of the student sat down and operated the computer alternately, while others gave instruction for him/her. They could play that games quickly and succeeded to win this games. When I asked them what their opinion about that games is, all of them answered that that games are very interesting.  They wanted to know where they can download or play that games, so I gave them the address of that games. In my mind, I think that I succeed to introduce that games for them.


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