The Example of Statistic, Geometry, and Number Problems with The Context of Purworejo

Meaningful learning is an effective learning to achieve learning objectives. One of ways of learning in order to be meaningful, according to one of characteristics of  RME (Realistic Mathematics Education) is the use of context related to the life and culture around the students. For students who were in the Purworejo, can use the potential and cultural of Purworejo as the context for learning.

Purworejo is one of regencies in Central Java, which is located on the south coast of Java. This area has a lot of potentials, ranging from natural resources such as beaches and waterfall, dances like Dolalak Dance , Bedug Kyai Bagelen or Pendawa as the eldest and largest bedug, as well as a wide variety of culinary appetizing. By making potential and the culture as the context of learning, it is not only make learning more meaningful, but also be able to continue and  maintain the local heritage.

The examples :


context 1In 2009, students of representatives from 16 districts in Purworejo danced Dolalak Dance in Purworejo Square to celebrate  The National Education Day. It was noted  that each district sent an average of 1,000 students. If  Kutoarjo, one of  district in Purworejo, did not send a representative students, the average number of representatives per district just 965 people. How many students of representative of Kutoarjo?

Answer : 1,525 students

Explanation :

The number of Dolalak dancer from 16 districs = 16 x 1.000 = 16,000

The number of Dolalak dancer without representative from Kutoarjo = 15 x 965 = 14.475

The number of Dolalak dancer from Kutoarjo  =  16,000 – 14.475 = 1,525



On 3 May, 1936, membrane of Bedug (it is like drum) Kyai Bagelen  which originally was made ​​from bison leather was replaced  with the leather of Bengal and Pemacek buffalos from Winong, one of the village in Purworejo. As the largest “bedug” in the world, it has diameter that reaches 194 cm for the front, while diameter of the back reaches 180 cm. What is the minimum area of  the leather Bengal and Pemacek buffalo  for each membrane if it takes an extra 15 cm to install membrane on wooden stump?

context 2

Answer : front : 39.424 cm2, behind  : 34.650 cm2

Explanation :

Area of front membrane =  r2 =  ( + 15)2 =  x 1122 = 39.424 cm2 = 3,9424 m2

Area of behind membrane =  r2 =  ( + 15)2 =  x 1052 = 34.650 cm2 = 3,465 m2



maknnAt the “Halal Bi Halal” agenda that is held by “Karang Taruna” of Wareng, every 3 guests  share a plate of “tahu pong”. Every 4 guests share a plate of  “geblek”, and every 6 guests share a plate of “clorot”. If  all of the number of plates is 63, how many guests in attendance?

Note :

Halal Bi Halal is one kind of celebrations for Moslem after Idul Fitri

Idul Fitri is one kind of feasts for Moslem

Karang Taruna is one kind of youth organization

Wareng is one kind of village in Purworejo

Tahu pong, geblek, and clorot is some kinds of special culinary from Purworejo

Answer : 84 people

Explanation :

The smallest common multiple of 3, 4, and  6 is 12

Number of Guests

Number of Plates for Tahu Pong

Number of Plates for Geblek

Number of Plates for  Clorot

Total number of Plates





9 (less)





45 (less)





63 (correct)

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